Core Difference

What Makes Core Reliance Different

We Are the Experts


Our degrees in chemical, mechanical, or electrical engineering are the starting point. It’s our systems knowledge and proficiency that truly sets us apart. Our 17 years of project experience in specifying, installing and qualifying aseptic processing equipment and developing engineering solutions — for operational troubleshooting and corrective action, product transfers, single use system implementation, and isolator qualification, among others — make us the company you need to analyze and solve your aseptic core equipment challenges.

We Are Hands-On

We are Hands OnWe will meet with you, and then go back and actually do the work. We’re not just consultants, we are engineering service providers, and we don’t pass the issues further downstream. A consultant might just give you a long list of issues and concerns; we give you the list, and then get to work addressing it. Success is a fully functional, user-friendly, compliant operation, and that is what you will have.

Our hands-on process experience gives us an advantage: we know what lies ahead, so we plan for it. We are thinking about the validation and commercial start-up while we are writing the URS, because we have been there before, many times.   We are thinking about the operators and maintenance staff while making technical design decisions.  Our competitors typically are involved only for certain phases of the project, so we are unique in our approach. You can rely on us to get the job done right.

We Work With You From Start to Finish

Because we’re the ones who do the work, from start to finish, we’re with you every step of the way. That gives us a particular expertise, one that goes beyond management and engineering and regulations and safety. It gives us knowledge of how to talk to people — people in every department of your company. We interact with everyone from engineering and project management to production and regulatory affairs — and everyone in between — so we know what they need and how to supply it. Our skill in this area goes a very long way in making sure that a project runs smoothly and correctly.

  • Jeff is a very skilled and creative professional in the area of project management and engineering services critical to sterile aseptic core manufacturing process and fill/finish operations.

    Jeff was instrumental in coordinating the overhaul of a complex machine to apply a dose clip applicator onto a syringe/plunger rod assembly on schedule and within budget.

    He is very innovative in developing solutions that are simple and elegant and blessed with the ability to communicate effectively with others.

    I highly recommend Jeff’s services to anyone interested in getting the job done right.

    Wilfredo Rivera, P.E. CPP
    Global Technical Operations, MedImmune


    We Are Dedicated to You

    Core Reliance is a small company. When you hire us, you get us. The people you speak to are the people who show up. You get professional, personalized service that is dedicated to getting your job done successfully every step of the way.

    As part of our technical and project service, we have access to other experts, those in highly specialized support applications. When necessary, we can bring their knowledge to you.

    We can bring in experts in fields such as:

    • Vision Inspection System Configuration and Validation
    • Airflow Dynamics Visualization and Testing (within Isolator or RABS enclosure)
    • Isolator Cycle Development
    • Lyophilization Cycle Development
    • Single Use System Design and Implementation
    • Cleaning Validation (i.e., CIP)
    • Custom Fabrication of Specialty Operations Devices (i.e., custom parts; designs for operational ease)

    You can count on us to know what needs to be done — and to do it thoroughly, correctly and efficiently.